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Monday, December 29, 2003

The Ugly Truth about Fox News Democrat Tammy Bruce
I'm posting the transcript of a brief but revealing on-air conversation with Fox News Democrat Tammy Bruce who was guest-hosting for Larry Elder’s talk radio show last Friday. I’ll use that conversation to discuss a broader and more important issue: People posing as progressives and Democrats whom we need to turn our backs to (My short list of pseudo-Democrats includes Bruce, Alan Colmes, Zell Miller, and Susan Estrich).

Here’s the back story on Bruce: I first heard of Bruce when she was promoting her first book, The New Thought Police on Dennis Prager’s radio show. She portrayed herself as a lesbian Democrat who was upset about the intolerance on the left (no disagreement there—much of the left that professes to be tolerant is tolerant only on its own terms). She then defended Dr. Laura against the supposed lynch mob on the left which opposed her homophobic views. I thought this was strange and I thought it was even more odd when I found out that Bruce’s column was carried by two members of the Scaife Internet Network (more on this later). I wrote an open letter to Bruce because I wanted to know what her deal was (the open letter elaborates on the preceding points).

Later, I found out that Bruce was a news analyst for the Roger Ailes’ Fox Propaganda Network. Then I read the recent series on Bruce in the Daily Howler (click here and read between 12/16 to 12/19). I concluded that it’s time for someone to tell Bruce to get her raggedy ass out of the Democratic Party. I felt it was up to me to step up and be the one to tell her where she can go—but I wanted to do it in a polite way and give salient reasons for my wish. I’ll discuss these reasons more after the transcript.

Before I go any further, let me answer potential objections about telling someone to leave a political party. I believe that the Democratic Party should be a big tent full of divergent views on issues. However, when a person purporting to be a Democrat, 1) devotes her energies largely to slamming the Democratic Party in unconstructive ways; and 2) gives credibility to people who want to destroy the Democratic Party through any means necessary, then it’s appropriate to tell that person to get bent.

First things first: here’s the transcript of the on-air conversation (I posed as Joseph from LA):

BRUCE: Let’s got to Joseph. Joseph, welcome to the Larry Elder Show. You’re on with Tammy Bruce.

SCOOBIE: Hello, Ms. Bruce.

BRUCE: Hi there.

SCOOBIE: Let me just say: the GOP needs people like you. And I say that as a Democrat because the difference between me and you is that I believe that people like Roger Ailes and Chris Ruddy should be exposed and discredited, whereas you take money from them to give these hatchet men-

BRUCE: Before Joseph, before we go on the ad hominem attacks here, and without getting--because you won't be able to give me details about exposed for what it is—-exposed what?

SCOOBIE: I can back up everything I say about your friends Chris Ruddy and--

BRUCE: Exposed what?

SCOOBIE: These are hatchet men who were involved in a giant dirty tricks operation--


BRUCE: Oh please. And there’re going to be black helicopters over your house in one second. I try to provide some kind of reasonable forum in which people with who--you can disagree [and] you can talk and you can discuss things. And there’s nothing I say that you don’t where it’s coming from or where I'm coming from. And, you know, if I'm going to talk about Howard Dean, I’m going to read my own words about him to you—that's what I'm going to do. [Note: I got past the screener by telling him that I wanted to respond to some of Bruce’s comments on Howard Dean’s foreign policy statements] Chris Ruddy, by the way, is a friend of mine. I like him a great deal. He runs which is where my column runs—and I’m proud of that. is a site you should go and enjoy and learn things—whether you agree with it or not. It’s just disappointing. It's disappointing when there’s so much we could in having a decent conversation. Part of why I took this call was that Mike had—I’m sure at some point this fellow had said that I was misrepresenting Howard Dean’s views. Well, I've just given you quotes from Howard Dean. So, is Howard Dean misrepresenting Howard Dean’s views? It's bizarre, is what they are. That's all. It's not even like I disagree. They're bizarre. They're as bizarre as claiming that there is this worldwide conspiracy and I just can't-- Save that for the overnight programs about spaceships and black helicopters. Save them and the rest of us will get on with the business of saving this nation.

When the caller after me complained that Dean supporters were "like a cult" and cited my call to support this (Note: I’m a Wesley Clark supporter). Here is how Bruce’s responded:

BRUCE: ...There's the individual like the person we heard from before who--and this is what I challenge in both of my books--are generic statements that are meant to not be dealt with in detail--that are supposed to--and this is what the left does--is name-calling and generic ad hominem statements about attacking individuals instead of dealing with details.

REALITY: Let's discuss my request and the reasoning behind it as well as Bruce's nonresponse. Bruce spends most of her time in print and on TV posing as a Democrat but is receiving money from and aiding those whose agenda is to destroy the Democratic party. In my call, I cited Roger Ailes and Christopher Ruddy. Bruce's column also appears in FrontPage Magazine run by David Horowitz. Ruddy and Horowitz are key components of the Scaife Internet Network. Ruddy was an important part of the ghoulish attempt by the right to pin the death of Vince Foster on the Clintons. So was Ailes (click here) and G. Gordon Liddy (Bruce is a regular on Liddy’s hate radio show). Also, Bruce is supportive of Sean Hannity whose hatred of Bill Clinton is so great that he spread both Sudanese and Moonie propaganda in lame attempts to discredit the former president.

If Bruce wants to give credibility to this rogue’s gallery of wing nuts, it's a free country. I also have a right to point out that she’s a media whore and ask her what her problem is. I thought it was a little ironic when she suggested I was deluded for pointing out Ruddy’s and Ailes’ misdeeds; the fact are obvious to anyone who bothers to look at their words and actions.

UPDATE: A reader reminded me that Bruce's "good friend" Christopher Ruddy was also involved in a Scaife-subsidized attempt to implicate the Clintons in the Ron Brown's death. What a dick. Also, on my short list of people who should leave the Democratic Party, I forgot to include Ed Koch, washed-up nobody and contributer to Ruddy's NewsMax who is endorsing George W. Bush in 2004. No surprise there, right after President Carter bailed out New York City under Koch's incompetent rule, Koch was cozy with candidate Ronald Reagan during the 1980 election campaign. Carter's press secretary Jody Powell later called Koch one of the biggest political ingrates in history. If you want a good primer on Tammy Bruce, check out the articles in the Daily Howler December 16 through 20.

10/04 ADDITIONAL UPDATE: True to form, Bruce supported the Swift Boat Liars and Carlton Sherwood during the presidential campaign. I confronted Bruce about Sherwood's journalistic misconduct on her show. Click here for a transcript and more details.

11/04 UPDATE: C-SPAN viewers who saw Tammy Bruce at Florida State, click here for an amusing post.

Tammy Bruce Links: Jeff Koopersmith has a good article in American Politics Journal. Also, in mid-December 2003, The Daily Howler did a series of posts on Bruce: scroll down to December 16-19. Here's more about Fox News Democrats.

12/04 UPDATE: here's an article by me on Bruce as self-loathing lesbian.

Slammin' Videos
"I Keed" by Triumph the Insult Dog and "Hey Ya" by Outkast which has some sweet choreography.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Flash: Talk Radio Phone Prank Today!
A few minutes ago, Tammy Bruce got scoobied. I will have a transcript and follow-up column later. The screener was so concerned that after Bruce muted me, he got on the phone with me and chewed me out and told me that he might get fired because he let me through to talk to the right-wing shill who poses as a Democrat. By the way, I'm laughing my ass off right now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas
It's a half day at work, then it's going to be a San Diego Christmas. I'll probably post through the next few days and certainly on the weekend. I enjoyed this. Also, here's my favorite Christmas article.

Monday, December 22, 2003

A Wuss No More
I finally went and saw Kill Bill over two months after I wussed out on seeing it. I thought it was very good but not great. I liked the animation. Put animation in a film and it will usually get me excited. By the way, my favorite film of the year is an adaptation of a comic book, American Splendor. See it. Also, attention Angelinos: my favorite film of 2002 (and favorite all-time film) City of God is playing at the AMC Beverly Connection. See it. You won't regret it.

I didn't feel the earthquake but many of my co-workers did. Jack Chick is going to rule the world: when I got back from my lunch break and entered the building where I worked, the building's security guard was reading Gladys--which is one of my favorites.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Now that I have a regular job, at least for a while, I have the ability to buy luxuries. Here are a few luxuries that I have largely denied myself for the past few months:
1. A trip to the 99 Cent Store without being concerned about getting too many items.
2. Organic produce (I have a top-of-the-line juicer).
3. Yoga classes (great place to meet women).
4. A clunker car from the auto auction (last vehicle I had was a 1989 Dodge Caravan that I bought at auction for $350).
5. Some wardrobe items from the thrift store (yesterday, I got an almost new pair of Nike Air Force 1 hightops for $1.50).
6. A gym membership. I need to hit the weights so that I can be chiseled for Spring Break.
7. A Learning Annex class--or maybe two.
8. A weekend in the Promise Land (also known as San Diego).
9. A trip to the Arc Light Cinema (expensive, but they don't tolerate people who talk during the film).
10. A cheese sandwich from Canter's Deli (I like provolone on toasted sourdough with lettuce, tomato, onion and with a pickle and mayo on the side). That's good eatin'
11. Jack Chick's Alberto Series.

I hope I don't sound too extravagant.

One other note: Thanks to all who have contributed to this site. It will be a very slammin' Christmas for me.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

MS Word Problems
I'll have a couple posts tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2003

My prediction for the GMAC Bowl: Miami University RedHawks 23, University of Louisville Cardinals 14. Actual score: Miami University RedHawks 49, University of Louisville Cardinals 28.
I'm posting later tonight, I promise. UPDATE: D'oh! I fell asleep. I'll post on Saturday.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sorry about the dearth of posts this week but I found a somewhat real job. It's temporary but it will more than pay the bills for a couple months (no need for the Ramen Noodles--or as my friend calls them, "Roman Noodles") . The Howler really has Tammy Bruce's number this week; he did his homework. As I write this, my Miami RedHawks are kicking butt in the GMAC Bowl (check it out on ESPN2). I will post tomorrow and over the weekend extensively.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Busy Busy Busy
I'm applying for a bunch of jobs. Prediction for the GMAC Bowl: Miami University 23, University of Louisville 14

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Some People Just Don't Know When to Quit
In my previous post, I linked to a post that detailed how Joseph Farah had prostituted his journalistic integrity by becoming a Scaife-paid hack and pleasing his delusional patron with outrageous and paranoid conspiracy theories about Vince Foster's death as well as promoting the infamous "Clinton body count" urban legend popular with Freepers, the black helicopter crowd, dittoheads, and other fuckwits on the hard right. (In case you're too lazy to scroll down, here is the post; read the part about Farah carefully).

One thing that hasn't changed is that Farah is still trying to raise questions about the circumstances surrounding Foster's death long after fellow Foster conspiracy nuts like Roger Ailes dropped the issue and hoped that people had forgotten about their descent into hate-filled lunacy. Read Farah's most recent article on Vince Foster. In it, Farah writes: "Color me a 'conspiracy theorist' if you wish." Yeah, that and "major league dickbag." Call Joseph Farah toll-free at 1-800-496-3266 and tell him he is wrong.

Robert Bartley's Legacy of Shame
It's not nice to speak ill of the dead. However, in the case of the Wall Street Journal's Robert Bartley--whom former colleagues James Taranto and Peggy Noonan respectively called "a journalistic giant" and "freedom's best friend"--it is appropriate. The only difference between Bartley--who headed the Wall Street Journal's editorial pages--and Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass, is that Blair and Glass lied to help their careers--Bartley lied to undermine democracy and smear political opponents. It was fitting that George W. Bush gave Bartley the Presidential Medal of Freedom; a fraudulent president gave a fraudulent journalist this award because the fraudulent president's idea of a patriot is someone who helps him out--and Bartley's fraudulent journalism aided Bush big time.

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page under Bartley was the most scurrilous editorial page of any newspaper not owned by a South Korean businessman who thinks he's God. It was fitting that when Bartley stepped down, Paul Gigot took over (Gigot, if you'll remember, applauded the GOP-led operatives who violently prevented vote-counting in Miami-Dade County in 2000--Gigot called the anti-democratic thugs "bourgeois rioters"). During Bill Clinton's presidency, the WSJ editorial page printed every nutball conspiracy theory out there--such as the notorious Mena conspiracy; at least bottom-feeders like Joseph Farah and Christopher Ruddy could say that they were motivated by a paranoid billionaire's money to prostitute their journalistic integrity. What was Bartley's excuse? I could go on about the editorial page under Bartley; one anecdote amused me: on the same day the Journal's editorial page applauded Bill Sammon's book, Sammon was being exposed as a journalistic fraud.

Bartley was a man who didn't care about the destruction he caused to journalism or to American institutions. When David Brock--at long last--came clean and told the truth about the smear campaign of which he was a party, Bartley dismissed him as "the John Walker Lindh of contemporary conservatism" rather than engaging in any self-reflection. This lack of self-reflection is what has mystified me about the older members of the right's smear machine: when you get to the point in your life in which the years you have lived are longer than the years you have to live, you usually decide that life is too short to be an asshole. Not true for Robert Bartley. What a waste of talent.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Detente, Sort of
Read about it on HorowitzWatch.

Monday, December 08, 2003

I Disagree with Randy Newman
I don't love LA. In fact, I don't like the city in which I live much at all. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of things to do in the City of Angels. It's a great place to visit but I just don't want to live here. This city is sapping my creative energy. I don't fit in here and I think that's a good thing. I'm in Babylon.

I got back from a job interview in San Diego (and I am praying to God that I get the job). SD and I are on the same page--big time. A day in SD really recharged my batteries. It was a bittersweet experience because I knew that I had to go back to LA. If case I don't get the job, does anyone know anyone in SD who has a spare guesthouse? I don't mind doing a Kato Kaelin.

UPDATE: One cyber woman who has a crush on me (click here and scroll down) is disappointed that I'm looking to move to SD. She would also be disillusioned to hear that I now have a conservative haircut (I need it to get a real job). Also, because I have been on the computer blogging and looking for jobs instead of working out, I am losing my bod. I'm not Jack Black yet, but I no longer have 8 percent body fat.

Friday, December 05, 2003

But How Old Is She in Human Years?
I'm going to be away on Monday, so I'm posting this today. Wish Ann Coulter a happy 42nd birthday (her birthday is December 8th). Egreetings has some nice e-cards. I'm sure her administrator will forward your gretting: Do it today so that you don't forget.

I will post tonight and over the weekend. In the meantime, this week the Daily Howler has been smokin': check it out. Today, the Howler takes on Krauthammer.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Read This
Eric Alterman on Robert Bartley's Presidential Medal of Freedom. Thanks to Rick and Michael for pointing this out to me.

Also, read David Corn on the attempts to goad him into saying things that would be used to portray him as a "Bush-hater."

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I was going to post tonight but some things came up (I might get a steady gig). If any reader finds a good column by a blogger on George W. Bush's award to Robert Bartley, please e-mail me.

Posting Tonight
I'll post tonight. To you people who complained that I have not posted enough recently: bite me. I'm getting ready to go to I job I hate. One small note, I checked on Sitemeter and someone came onto this site because they used the Google keywords "Kelly Brock Nude" I never heard of this person or her music but she does look fine based on her official web site picture.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

How The Mighty Have Fallen
That's how I feel regarding my failure last night to crash the premiere after-party for Tom Cruise's new film The Last Samurai. I wasn't even in the ballgame. The main problem was that I was told that the premiere was at Mann's Chinese Theatre, but it was held at Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood. Duh.

Bofore that, I went to a meetup for Clark supporters at Canter's Deli in the Fairfax district. I told the group about how easy it is to start a blog and also how important it is to take on the right's media--namely hate radio. Talk radio jocks have it in for Clark because they know that he would have a great shot of picking off Bush if here were the Democratic nominee. In September, when Clark announced his candidacy, I documented on this blog how hate radio was earning its name with its vicious attacks on Clark, his military record, and his patriotism (click here and scroll down). Right now, I'm working a flunky job to pay the rent and I simply don't have the time to monitor talk radio as I had in past months; I expressed my hope that someone would take up the slack and monitor talk radio for its disinformation on Clark.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Posting Later
I have a full day.