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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kenneth, What's the Weight of that Paper?
Ohio's Katherine Harris Ken Blackwell makes the case for Bush.

I thought Kerry was a lot stronger in the debate but I acknowledge that I was rooting for Kerry big time. But I heard on ABC that their poll found that Kerry beat Bush by 46 to 37 percent. The Gallup Poll was more impressive (Update--via Atrios: the Gallup poll numbers were Kerry 53 to Bush's 37 and CBS Kerry: 44; Bush: 26; and Tie: 30. Woo Hoo!!!!

MSNBC (without Frank Luntz) was doing focus group work in Stark County, Ohio. Stark County is a bellwether county in Ohio. According to the respondents I saw, Kerry did really well (UPDATE: Kevin Berger has more info). I think fondly about Stark County--I did my first film work there. I had a friend who was a production assistant for the documentary Go Tigers! (about the Massillon Washington high school football team) and he asked me if I wanted to help him. I agreed. He offered to pay in either cash or weed but I was so excited about working on a film that I did it for free.

I Stand Corrected
I was wrong--at least somewhat--about how Fox News would analyze tonight's debate. Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke both called it a draw.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

In tomorrow's debate, if Bush tries to hump Kerry's leg, the Fox News after-debate analysts--especially Fred Barnes--will declare Bush the victor.

This Just Happened
I went to Jay and Bob's Secret Stash and picked up Angry Youth Comix number 7 Okay, okay, it's lowbrow but I had been reading some zen poetry--and before that, some Ken Wilber--and I needed something to balance my brain out (I try to have a good mixture of the sacred and profane). I told the guy behind the counter that the place was phat (the selection of comics is good and there's a lot of film memorabilia (e.g., Bluntman and Chronic costumes, Ben Affleck's Daredevil outfit, angel wings from Dogma). I thought the guy looked familiar--it was Jason Mewes.

Note: if there's another LA riot and it hits Westwood Village, I want that Affleck Daredevil outfit. Affleck and I must be very close to the same size.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I updated yesterday's post about Rove's smear of the Alabama Supreme Court Justice and what you can do about it. If you haven't emailed the Alabama State Bar, do it. It will only take a minute. The email address is in yesterday's post.

Media Hacking Bill O'Reilly's Show: An Outside Shot but Worth a Try
Regular readers of this weblog know that I love my Sitemeter stats because they tell me how people came to my site. I noticed today that my site is near the top of a Google search for "Bill O'Reilly pathological paranoid". I don't know about that but when I saw O'Reilly's picture on his official web site, I thought to myself, "That is one man who needs to do the breath of fire."

On the topic of O'Reilly and my Sitemeter, I get a lot of hits on this site from apparent Freepers who want to whack off to nude pictures of Lis Weihl. Wiehl is O'Reilly's liberal shill on O'Reilly's Radio Factor. Think of her as a whitebread Robin Quivers who is supposedly on the left but who doesn't challenge O'Reilly even when he is defending pathological liars or if he's accusing a thoughtful critic of being a Nazi). In the stacked-deck world of Fox News, Wiehl clearly fits into the Alan Colmes/Susan Estrich harmless, lightweight variant of the Fox News Democrat archetype (the other variant is the Tammy Bruce/Pat Caddell I'm-a-Democrat-but-I-hate-Democrats-and-love-the-hard-right Fox News Democrat--click here for more info).

I think Wiehl is cute but I'm never thought of imagining her naked. Reasons: 1) Probably the biggest reason is nonphysical: I hate sellouts; 2) She seems prim. I used to that--I went to Miami University as an undergrad. They party a lot there but there are still plenty of puritans there too (Miami has one of the largest Campus Crusade for Christ organizations). On the other hand, I've been surprised more than once by an outwardly prim woman; 3) Wiehl seems way too cutesy-poo for me. She seems like the type of woman who has embroidered teddy bear sweatshirts. I could be wrong.

I'm digressing a bit but that's okay because I don't post enough material on this blog (though let me remind you that I do a lot of blogging stuff that doesn't show up directly on this site; nuff said). The point is that if somehow someone can get one of the harmless shill Fox Democrats to stand up and take on one of these right-wing bullies like o'Reilly, it would be fucking great. Could you imagine a big fat bully like O'Reilly being called on what he says by someone he had previously preceived as being a shill?

Lis, if you're lurking here and reading this, think about this: we both know what a total dick O'Reilly is. "Dick" was the word that a former O'Reilly employee used to describe him (note: I was interviewed by O'Reilly's former show Inside Edition, after I got to the red carpet at the 2002 Oscars). By being O'Reilly's shill, you are being a dick-enabler. Being a dick-enabler creates a lot of negative karma. Negative karma is just bad. Lis, if you are the progressive you claim to be, you are currently thwarting the cause of progressivism by allowing some reationary and thuggish people like O'Reilly and Ailes to pull wool over the eyes of millions of people. At the very least, email me information about the Fox News Channel. If you have one shred of decency, you woud do that.

What can the readers of this blog do?
1) I was going to tell you to email Wiehl and tell her to get real but I couldn't find her email address. So why not call O'Reilly's number (212) 301-3697 and see if you can speak with her directly. I'll give it a try myself on Wednesday. If you get through to anyone or the voicemail, leave the message that Weihl should be true to herself. Being authentic beats the hell out of not being authentic. It's as simple as that.

Monday, September 27, 2004

One Email Will Go A Long Way
Josh Marshall excerpted Joshua Green's article on Karl Rove in the November Atlantic Monthly. The excerpt dealt with Rove and company's smear of then Alabama Supreme Court Justice R. Mark Kennedy:

When his term on the court ended, he chose not to run for re-election. I later learned another reason why. Kennedy had spent years on the bench as a juvenile and family-court judge, during which time he had developed a strong interest in aiding abused children. In the early 1980s he had helped to start the Children's Trust Fund of Alabama, and he later established the Corporate Foundation for Children, a private, nonprofit organization. At the time of the race he had just served a term as president of the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect. One of Rove's signature tactics is to attack an opponent on the very front that seems unassailable. Kennedy was no exception.

Some of Kennedy's campaign commercials touted his volunteer work, including one that showed him holding hands with children. "We were trying to counter the positives from that ad," a former Rove staffer told me, explaining that some within the See camp initiated a whisper campaign that Kennedy was a pedophile. "It was our standard practice to use the University of Alabama Law School to disseminate whisper-campaign information," the staffer went on. "That was a major device we used for the transmission of this stuff. The students at the law school are from all over the state, and that's one of the ways that Karl got the information out--he knew the law students would take it back to their home towns and it would get out." This would create the impression that the lie was in fact common knowledge across the state. "What Rove does," says Joe Perkins, "is try to make something so bad for a family that the candidate will not subject the family to the hardship. Mark is not your typical Alabama macho, beer-drinkin', tobacco-chewin', pickup-drivin' kind of guy. He is a small, well-groomed, well-educated family man, and what they tried to do was make him look like a homosexual pedophile. That was really, really hard to take."

Unfortunately, I don't subscribe so I couldn't read the entire article. Who were these University of Alabama law students? They certainly wouldn't be random law students who would agree to engage in such vile behavior. Were these students affiliated with the Federalist Society? Whatever is the case, spreading malicious gossip is a serious violation of ethics--whether one is an attorney or is training to become one.

Contact Keith Norman of the Alabama State Bar at and tell him about the Atlantic Monthly article. Demand an investigation.

UPDATE: John Kerry should bring a copy of the Atlantic Monthly article and tell the American people that it shows what Bush and Rove are all about. As several analysts of Rove have pointed out (click here for Lou Dubose's take), Rove's tactic is to take an opponent's greatest strenth and make it a weakness--or at least a wash. One of Ann Richard's greatest srengths was her devotion to diversity; Rove's tactic, spread the rumor that she was a lesbian. John McCain was admired for his sacrifice as a POW; Rove's ploy, spread the rumors that McCain's imprisonment made him unstable and that he fathered an illegitimate Vietnamese child. R. Mark Kennedy's was respected for helping exploited children; Rove's response: create a coordinated whisper campaign that Kennedy molests children. John Kerry's biggest strength was his military service; Rove's solution: have phony front groups lie about Kerry's military record.

Movie Non-review
Tonight, they had an advance screening for I Heart Huckabees at the Grove (next to the Farmer's Market). I'm not going to review it. I will only say that it was a good mind-fuck. I can appreciate any film that has dialogue like "Hey, dickweed" and has existential detectives going through someone's trash and finding Introducing Kafka (cover and inside art by R Crumb). Naomi Watts helps, too.

I Meant To Post Over the Weekend
But I didn't. I did blog stuff though.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Email This Web Address To All Your Undecided Friends or Click here (via Demagogue)

I'm still working on completing the Googlebomb site. Here's one. Link the words "dime bag" to the following URL:

It will look like this: dime bag

Right after I did my 9/03 stream-of-consciousness post that mentioned David Dreier, I received a bunch of emails mentioning that he was a closeted gay man. I didn't write anything about it because, even if it turned out to be true, I didn't feel it was any of my business. If Dreier is on his own time and he looks at his What-Would-Mary-Baker-Eddy-Do? bracelet and doesn't get a bad feeling about doing it with a guy, then more power to him. A case could be made that Dreier's anti-gay voting record made him fair game. Maybe, but I didn't want to be any part of an outing. That's not how I operate.

I read an article in yesterday's LA Weekly by Doug Ireland that a blog, Blogactive outed Dreier on the 17th. I still don't regret not posting anything. It's just not my style.

What is Wrong With These People?
I checked my Sitemeter stats and people came to this site using this Google keyword search: "richard mellon scaife anal sex" That is sick.

Also, my site pops up 11th for a Google seach of "marta+limbaugh+al+franken+affair" Sounds like wishful thinking for that web-surfer.

I just found out from Sitemeter that I come up number one for a Google search of "michael savage ties to satanism"

Posting All Weekend
Ohio State isn't playing and no other games look too exciting so I will be doing a lot of blog-related work over the weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wrong Wrong Wrong
Jack Schafer's advice on how to take on Bill O'Reilly would make sense if O'Reilly were both of the following: 1) really tenacious and 2) a legitimate pundit. He is neither. O'Reilly is a bully and a bullshit artist. For instance, O'Reilly is smart enough to know that he's full of shit when he says his show is the no-spin zone and that his network is fair and balanced. Plus, his whole working class guy who's-looking-out-for-you? routine is not just lame, it's transparently phony.

Taking Schafer's advice only allows you fall into O'Reilly's (and Fox News') trap of setting the rules of debate. Plus, it gives them legitimacy they don't deserve. Al Franken knew better. At the LA Book Fair, he treated O'Reilly like the punk-ass bullyboy he really was.

Important Site to help Re-Defeat Bush
Driving Votes registers voters in swing states. Support them in any way you can.

I was Going to Mention This A Few Weeks Ago
I was at the movies a few weeks ago and I saw the trailer for the film The Yes Men which opens in theaters tomorrow. Read the site; these guys are on the cutting edge of culture jamming. I just read a righteous article about them in the fall issue of Film Magazine. According to the article, the group The Yes Men's took on after the WTO was the Scaife-funded Heritage Foundation. The hacks at the Heritage Foundation summed up their hackdom well in a few short sentences:

The Heritage Foundation. . . is an entirely political operation that demonstrates little but contempt for such academic niceties [as peer-reviewed research].  As Heritage President Edwin Feulner explained back in 1995, "We don’t just stress credibility. We stress timeliness. We stress an efficient, effective delivery system. Production is one side; marketing is equally important.”  Burton Pines, a Heritage vice president, has added, "We're not here to be some kind of Ph.D. committee giving equal time.  Our role is to provide conservative public-policy makers with arguments to bolster our side."

The CBS Fiasco
I have been working on the real news of the CBS controversy but it's too big. I don't know where to start. Accordingly, this will be a relatively short post because my view is that it's better to have an imcomplete article than one that never sees the light of day because it's in rough draft form(that happens all-too-often for me). Here is why I find the CBS/forged letters story so disheartening:

1.The pajama guys (right-wing bloggers) who were a part of this have no interest in journalistic integrity. It was a political ploy pure and simple. The same people so concerned about CBS's journalistic integrity appear on Fox News--a political operation which sytematically flouts journalistic standards. These same people don't give a damn if Fox News punks lie about John Kerry. These are the same people who give credence to the serial smears of the Swift Boat Veterans (I pointed out a while back how Power Line Blog, one of the main blogs behind the attempt to discredit the memos, acted as if the the Swift Vets were reliable sources. The opposite is true. Just one refutation out of dozens, today's Howler reports new John O'Neil's lies.

2. The whole issue obscures recent developments that show that Bush 1) was pro-Vietnam War--as long as kids from Watts or South Boston were the ones to become cannon fodder ; accordingly, 2) Bush family members used their pull to push Bush to the front of the Texas Air National Guard waiting line; 2) Once Bush got in, he didn't fufill his Texas Air National Guard duties; and 4) he's been lying about it ever since.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blogging Tomorrow
I'm a bit under the weather so I won't be doing any more blogging tonight. In case you haven't read them, check out Nicholas Kristof telling it like it is. Also, it's good to see that E. J. Dionne's testicle transplant was a success.

One Email is All I Ask
This is how Fox News treats thoroughly discredited allegations.

Write Linda Vester at and tell her she is wrong because a cursory vetting of the Swift Boat Veterans would have shown that their accusations don't stand up to the official Navy record--or to even what the same Swift Boat Veterans claimed initially about Kerry's service. It also would have shown that John O'Neil is an habitual liar and that his co-author is a crackpot and religious bigot. I could go on.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Don't Believe the Naysayers
Check out the latest buzz on the numbers:

Still, there are signs that Mr. Kerry is gaining back some of the strength that was sapped during the Republican convention. In the latest poll, Mr. Kerry gained ground on the president in nine states, while Mr. Bush improved his standing in six. In one state, Wisconsin, there was no change in the margin between the candidates.

Mr. Bush lost some ground in the crucial Ohio race; his lead there had been greater than the margin of error in the prior two polls. This time, Mr. Bush was ahead by 3.3 percentage points, which is within the margin of error. Mr. Kerry's position improved a bit in Pennsylvania. That state, which had been solidly in his column before the Republican convention, gave the senator a 3.1 point lead, up from 2.8 points.

And, Mr. Kerry has made more progress than Mr. Bush in solidifying his support in the battlegrounds that the Democrats won in 2000. The senator's lead is greater than the margin of error in five of the eight battlegrounds that Al Gore won. Mr. Bush's lead is greater than the margin of error in just one of the eight battlegrounds he won last election.

The CBS Flap
Tomorrow or Wednesday

You Gotta Read The Whole Thing
The primer on George W. Bush and the Air National Guard. Excerpts:

What is also already known is that in the spring of 1972, with 770 days left of required duty, Bush unilaterally decided that he was done fulfilling his military obligation. Also in the spring of 1972, Bush refused to take a physical and quickly cleared out of his Guard base in Houston, heading off to work on the Senate campaign of Winton "Red" Blount in Alabama. Referring to that period, one of Bush's Guard flying buddies remarked to USA Today in 2002, "It was an irrational time in his life."

It may have been an irrational time for him, but Bush managed to focus intently on not serving in the Guard in any significant capacity again. His public records paint a portrait of a Guardsman who, with the cooperation of his Texas Air National Guard superiors, simply flouted regulation after regulation (more than 30 by Salon's count) indifferent to his signed obligation to serve.

The details can get a bit obscure, but the basic timeline of Bush's service between 1972 and 1974 is easy to follow: In spring 1972 Bush attempted to permanently transfer to a non-flying Alabama Guard unit. During the second half of 1972 he missed many of his required weekend training drills. At the end of the year he returned to Houston. Bush then had to make up the absences he had stacked up while in Alabama through "substitute service" training in 1972 and 1973. In July 1973, Bush asked to be released by the Texas Air National Guard so he could attend Harvard Business School. In September, the Guard let him go, and the Air Force officially dismissed Bush in November 1974

On July 30, 1973, Bush, preparing to attend Harvard Business School, signed a statement acknowledging it was his responsibility to find another unit in which to serve out the remaining nine months of his commitment. But Bush never contacted another unit in Massachusetts in which to fulfill his obligation.

The whole article is incredible.

Great Moments in Blogging History
I just found out from my Sitemeter stats that my site pops up first on Google for this search. Don't ask me why someone was doing this search.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Must Read
Check out the October 2004 issue of Playboy. There are several good reasons for taking a peek:
1. The Girls of the ACC Pictorial. My favorite: Jenna Fitzgerald of North Carolina State. She is too hot. Runners-up: Melissa Favorito of Virginia Tech, Bianca James of Clemson, Corissa Eaton of NC State, and Briana Timmon of UVA.
2. David Hackworth (not my favorite person in the world) has a lucid article on the mess in Iraq.
3. John Dean has an article on Abu Ghraib and torture.
4. George Monbiot on how fundy politics are ruining the GOP.
I skipped the Donald Trump interview.

Shameless Attempt to get More Hits to this Site
Jessica Alba looks hot in the movie poster for the forthcoming film Sin City, which is an adaptation of the graphic novel from Frank Miller.

I've been doing blog-related work all morning (though little of it has shown up so far today).
UPDATE: I'm through with my project; you won't see the results for a few days.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Rest of the Story regarding Sean Hannity and the Kerry Photos
Instapundit is linking to a post by a blogger about the way that a New Republic article characterized Brit Hume and Sean Hannity's characterization of a forged picture of a young John Kerry sharing a speaker's podium with Jane Fonda.

The criticism of the TNR article may well be valid (I don't have a transcript of everything Hume and Hannity said about that particular photo). However, Last February I noted how Hannity egregiously mischaracterized a 1970 photo of the audience of an anti-war rally that show Kerry and Fonda sitting three rows away from each other. Let me briefly resummarize Hannity's truth-challenged characterization:

1. On February 10, 2004, on Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes made the following observations that the 1970 photo: 1) the photo was taken two years before Fonda's infamous trip to Hanoi; and 2) it wasn't a photo of Kerry with Fonda; it was an audience photo.

2. On February 24, 2004, Hannity made the following arguments about the photo (arguments Hannity witnessed Colmes refuting two weeks earlier): "...You [John Kerry] are a left-wing radical. And that picture with Hanoi Jane--the woman who gave aid and comfort to our enemy--means something to some Americans. It is not questioning your service. We applaud it. I wrote about it in my first book--not even knowing that this would be a big issue. I applaud your service but you were with a woman that [sic] gave aid and comfort to our enemies. That's what's so outrageous about this."

College Football
Last week's predictions for today: 1) Ohio State Buckeyes 30, North Carolina State Wolfpack 27; 2) Miami University 24, Ohio University Bobcats 14

REALITY: 1)Ohio State Buckeyes 22, North Carolina State Wolfpack 14; 2)Miami University RedHawks 40, Ohio University Bobcats 20

Predictions for the next OSU & Miami U. games: 1) 10/02 Ohio State Buckeyes 35, Northwestern Wildcats 13; 2) 9/29 Miami University RedHawks 28; Marshall Thundering Herd 26

Friday, September 17, 2004

Quick Question
Are there any Hollywood people out there who read this blog? Just curious.

Blogging Over the Weekend
I will be working furiously over the weekend. Not all of this work will be manifest for a few days but I will have some posts up over the weekend. Also, I promose to post no pictures of cats (Disclosure: cats are okay; I had one as a kid, but I'm not crazy about them enough to post pictures of them).

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pat Caddell: Potemkin Democrat
Pat Caddell is the type of alleged Democrat that fucking Fox News puts forth to show that they believe in ideological balance--as if.

Blast from the past, during the Florida non-recount, Caddell spoke his mind Remember this what during the Bush coup--when the Gore campaign all but laid down--when real journalists like Greg Palast demonstrated how tens of thousands of mostly black Democrats were disenfranchized, here's what alleged Democrat Pat Cadell had to say: "I'm a liberal Democrat. I started in Florida politics. I've worked for George McGovern. I've worked for Jimmy Carter. I've worked for Teddy Kennedy, Mario Cuomo. Nobody can question, I think, my credentials and convictions. But I have to tell you, at this point it's hard to believe that my party, the party that I've belonged to since my great-great-grandfather-of my family-has become no longer a party of principles, but has been hijacked by a confederacy of gangsters who need to take power by whatever means and whatever canards they can say."

Caddell also repeated the Sudanese propaganda--popular with wingnuts like Sean Hannity--that when Bill Clinton was president, he was offered bin Laden on a silver platter by the Sudenese government. This, of course, was a hateful lie (the 9/11 Commission thoroughly refuted it; but, then again, Caddell called the 9/11 Commission "an annoying distraction"). Shills like Caddell would prefer to believe propaganda from a genocidal regime than to think well of a Democratic president. Like Tammy Bruce and Susan Estrich, Caddell is a good, obedient Fox News Democrat. Caddell has no soul.

UPDATR: Here's more on Caddell.

That's My Idea--without the Fraud Though
I've been planning to get a vintage kickass car once I get more financially fit. I plan to do it on the cheap though. I love old GTO's (They had the one from the film at the xXx world premiere after-party which I crashed--I crashed the party, not the GTO). GTO's are at premium prices so I plan to get a much lower-priced Pontiac Tempest (which is pretty much the same thing) and put GTO emblems on it. I read in USA Today that people are doing the same thing but doing it to defraud consumers. Bad karma. Also, in USA Today, Erick Smith disagrees with me and think Ohio State is going down against NC State. We'll see about that.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's Scooter Time!
Huge Valerie Plame update (via APJ). I guess Steno Sue Schmidt is not totally worthless.

Any Media People Out There?
Do you work for radio, TV, or a newspaper? If so, write me at

I'm Back
The fund drive is over. Thanks to all who contributed. I'm back to blogging. I had a Eureka moment Tuesday night. I will be blogging furiously over the weekend. Not all the blogging work I will do will show up immediately but I will be doing some very important blogging work nevertheless. Trust me--this has the potential to be big.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

A Note to Readers of Scoobie Davis Online
I have to take off at least a few days; this is my last post for at least a few days. I didn't want to leave you without posts for a few days without giving you a peek at forthcoming projects. Because of my loaded schedule--work, a film project (more on this later), and other things, I have worked as efficiently as I could on this blog. You'll notice that I have made a lot of "googlebomb" posts. The simple reason: googlebombs are easy and effective tools to deal with the hard right; googlebombs are great tools for culture jamming and media hacking. The radical right is heavily funded in this country, but they have one persistent enemy: the truth. When we googlebomb a hard right operative (and major league douchebag) like David Bossie, then we own his name, at least when it comes to web search engines. In the past few months, we have had successful googlebombs against Bossie, The Swift Boat Liars, Christopher Ruddy, Jerome Corsi, Tammy Bruce, "most liberal senator", Colin McNickle, Sean Hannity, and others. I have heard from good sources that some of these googlebomb targets are shitting bricks and fit to be tied about what I have done. This is great news. I am in the process of creating a site devoted to googlebombing. It's not up and running yet but I am working on it.

I also have an indie film project in production. The time is not right to disclose the topic but I'm sure that fans of this blog will like it. I have shot a little over an hour and it's hot stuff so far. In the limited time that I have been in production, I have had some big names who agreed to be interviewed--and a couple really big names I have already interviewed. Thank God for the Canon XL-1 and other digital video cameras (as well as the people who own them and who are shooting for me for peanuts).

Finally, I have two media hacking projects in the works. The big one in the conceptual stages now, but everyone I have discussed the project with has said it is dynamite stuff. The small one I should have ready to unveil in the next month or so.

The Results of Yesterday's Games
I made some college football predictions the other day. Here are the results of the games.

Prediction Number One: Ohio State Buckeyes 47, Marshall Thundering Herd 17; REALITY: Ohio State 24, Marshall 21. The Buckeyes won a field goal as time expired.

Prediction Number Two: Miami University RedHawks 27, Cincinnati Bearcats 19; REALITY: Cincinnati 45, Miami 26.

Next week's Predictions:
Ohio State Buckeyes 30, North Carolina State Wolfpack 27
Miami University 24, Ohio University Bobcats 14

One final note on yesterday's college football games: yesterday was the third anniversary of 9/11. If you'll remember, Jerry Falwell try to blame it on the People for the American Way and the ACLU. Perhaps that's why yesterday God chose to allow Kent State to demolish Falwell's Liberty University football team 38-10.

The Reverend Jerry Falwell never fails to continually amaze me with his audacity. Falwell's most recent column accuses the Kerry campaign of engaging in "the politics of personal destruction."

What is wrong with this picture? Too many things, but I'll mention a couple for those of you not familiar with this blog:
1. Falwell had previously bilked his church members and TV audience by selling them sensational (and libelous) videotapes claiming that Bill Clinton was involved in murder and drug dealing (Falwell even concocted a fraudulent infomerical in which Falwell interviews a man who is represented as an investigative journalist who is silhouetted because he is in fear for his life from the Clinton mob; in reality, it was the videotape's producer, Patrick Matrisciana).
2. Falwell's column is published in Newsmax, run by Scaife monkey-boy Christopher Ruddy.

What is to be done? One easy thing to do is to click here and get a free three-month trial subscription to Falwell's National Liberty Journal--Falwell will pick up all the printing and mailing costs. If you're not interested in receiving the rag, I'm sure you can think of some deserving souls who would love to see it in their mailbox.

New Links
Bushes Against Bush (don't you just love that name?), Modern Mirth, Political Animals (this reminds me, I saw Fritz the Cat on DVD and it was mind-blowing--yes, I realize Crumb hated it), Gotham City 13 (I love their slogan: "Don't get marginalized. Get even.", Speedkill, Hellblazer, America Blog, and Democracy for California. Check them out.

Here is an excerpt of America Blog's story on Bush and the Air National Guard:

According to USNews, Bush's violation of the rules was EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT. This is a BIG honking story. At this point, I'll give the GOP the CBS memos if they want 'em - who cares if they're real now. USNews, known to be a conservative-leaning magazine, has just come up with independent evidence showing Bush shirked EVEN MORE of his National Guard duty than we thought, that the White House lied about it, and that there is no explanation for how Bush could reasonably get an honorable discharge.

Read the rest and spread the word. It's great stuff.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Announcement: I'm coming out of the San Diego closet--and I'm Proud
No, I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that--as Jerry Seinfeld would say). No. I am living a lie. I am . . . a San Diegan! But I live in Los Angeles. I am so out-of-sync in LA--even though I am doing a film project (I wish I were getting paid for it). I was in SD recently and I can totally relate to it. I belong there. Accordingly, even though I live in Westwood, I have changed my tagline from "Scoobie Davis: LA Surfer, Pundit, Actor, Media Hacker, and Party Crasher" to "Scoobie Davis: San Diego Surfer, Pundit, Actor, Media Hacker, and Party Crasher."

10/05 UPDATE: I fianlly moved back to SD in October of 2005.

Go Figure
Why is it that the right wing blogsphere is devoting so much time on arcane subjects as kerning and typewriter fonts in order to try to discredit letters written by George W. Bush's former Texas Air National Guard commander? Power Line Blog, one of the blogs behind the effort to discredit the Killian memos, came out with the following incredible assertions:

Two scenarios, two answers

Scenario 1 -- The Swiftvets put out an ad that questions whether John Kerry told the truth about his service during the Vietnam war. The charges go unaddressed for days. When they are finally addressed, the main argument is that the Bush campaign is behind the ads. Thus the charges remain largely unanswered.

Scenario 2 -- CBS airs a story that questions whether George W. Bush told the truth about his service during the Vietnam war. In less than 24 hours, the main elements of the story (the things that made it different from past tellings) are pretty much discredited.

Question -- How do we explain the difference betweeen [sic] these scenarios?

Answer 1 -- The Swiftvet story is based on reliable evidence; the CBS story isn't.

Answer 2 -- The Democrats rely on an increasingly incompetent MSM; the Republicans don't, and are the beneficiaries of the efforts of conservative bloggers and their readers.

What planet is this Powerline author living on? What the Powerline author argues is the opposite of the facts. When John O'Neil and the Swift Boat Vets came out with attacks against John Kerry, thoughtful observers pointed out how just about everything claimed by the Swiftvets contradicted the official Navy record as well as what the very same Swiftvets had claimed previously (a good example of the latter is the claim by Swiftvet Larry Thurlow who claimed that John Kerry didn't deserve a Bronze Star for an incident because there was no enemy fire; yet Thurlow's own Bronze Star citation listed enmey fire during the incident--that's just one example). The evidence is overwhelming that John O'Neil and the Swiftvets are habitual and pathological liars.

On the other hand, let's suppose one or more of the Killian's letters are shown to be forgeries. So what? Enough recent evidence is out there to overwhelmingly show that George W. Bush did not fulfill his Air National Guard obligations. And it also shows Bush to be a complete hypocrite for recently telling the National Guard Review, "The responsibility to show up and do your job" when Bush himself did not fulfill his obligations--such as the recently disclosed fact that Bush agreed to do drills in Massachusetts when he went to business school but did not do them.

It is up to bloggers to tell the truth and expose lies, not to be hacks.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blogging over the Weekend
I'll try to post on Friday so stay tuned.

Quick notes (via APJ: Bush disobeyed a direct order. Hey Swift Boat Veterans for Bush, what would have happened to you if you disobeyed a direct order when you were in Nam?


Drudge has a headline "60 MINUTES Documents on Bush Might Be Fake..." (the documents are genuine) The headline is hyperlinked to an article in the "CNS News website". CNS News is not a legitimate journalistic enterprise but a political operation; it is a division of the right-wing group Media Research Center, which is funded by wing-nut Richard Mellon Scaife.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Important Googlebomb
Hyperlink the phrase "Texans for Truth" to the following URL:

The result will look like this: Texans for Truth

Outrage: John O'Neil Guest of Admitted Violator of the Espionage Act.
Today's FrontPageMag made the following announcement, "The Wednesday Morning Club presents Unfit for Command author John O'Neill September 8th. Phone 800-752-6562 for details." The Wednesday Morning Club was founded by David Horowitz, an admitted traitor who is still subject to criminal prosecution (for a chuckle, read Dave's response to my aricles about his treason). Let me get this straight: O'Neil and his gang of Swift Boat Liars smear John Kerry as unpatriotic but O'Neil is rubbing shoulders with a man who is still subject to prosecution for violation of the Espionage Act. As William Bennett might say, "Where's the outrage?"

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I put it on my calendar to get back to Westwood tonight as soon as I could get out of work. The reason: the grand opening of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Kevin Smith is signing stuff from 5 to 10 PM. I got there at six and it was a clusterfuck of humanity. The line to the store went down Westwood Blvd. to Kinross and circled around half-block up Broxton. There were at least a thousand people in line. I asked a woman in the middle of the line when she got there and she got there at 3:30. She and the people around her got a laugh when I said that there were more people there tonight than who went to see Jersey Girl (In case you're lurking, Kevin, just kidding. I saw JG on my flight and it was phat.)

Dudes, there is no way I was going to wait three hours to have anyone sign anything.(KS signed my stuff at the Bourne Identity premiere). I peeked inside the store and it's stocked with cool stuff.

UPDATE: When I walked out of a place on Westwood, Jason Mewes was there. He was talking to a woman so I didn't want to ruin his rap.

Monday, September 06, 2004

If it is True, It Deserves to be a Big Issue
Did George W. Bush snort cocaine at Camp David when Daddykins was president as Kitty Kelley alleges in her fortcoming book The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty? I don't know but if it is true, it should be a big issue. Just these two reasons are reason enough:

1. Once George W. Bush attained power, he was a major league prick against nonviolent drug offenders. When Bush ran for governor, he shamelessly demagogued against then Governor Ann Richard’s programs to help nonviolent drug offenders with treatment instead of harsh prison sentences. Bush derided the programs as “Penal Code Lite.” Bush has one terse thought for nonviolent drug users who used to receiving medical treatment for their problems: "Incarceration is rehabilitation."

2. If the alleged episode occurred, it would have been after Bush supposedly found Christ and redeemed himself. Bush wears his reformed sinner badge on his sleeve. If this story is true, then it would show that he was lying about his spirituality for votes.

I could go on but you get the point.

The GOP's Cozy Relationship to The Messiah of Greed
Robert Parry has a rejoinder to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's innuendo that philanthropist George Soros made his money from drug cartels:

If House Speaker Dennis Hastert is really concerned about drug profits being laundered into the U.S. political process, he would not be sliming billionaire financier George Soros with that suspicion. Hastert would be looking at a principal conservative funder: South Korean theocrat Sun Myung Moon.

While Hastert was unable to cite a shred of evidence that the liberal Soros is funneling illicit money, there is a substantial body of evidence that Moon has long commanded a criminal enterprise with close ties to Asian and South American drug lords. The evidence includes first-hand accounts of money laundering disclosed by Moon confidantes and even family members. Besides those more recent accounts, Moon was convicted of tax fraud based on evidence developed in the late 1970s about his money-laundering activities.

Read the rest.

NCAA Football Predictions
For those of you not familiar with my blog, each fall I make predictions for the universities from which I have degrees: Ohio State and the babelicious Miami University (though I have also attended Bethany College in West Virginia, UMass at Amherst, and have taken film classes at USC and UCLA). I forgot to do it for Saturday's games until after they were over. Sorry about the oversight.

For the Sept. 11 games:
Ohio State Buckeyes 47, Marshall Thundering Herd 17
Miami University RedHawks 27, Cincinnati Bearcats 19

John Wayne O'Neil
From the Randi Rhodes Show (a repeat), a Swift Boat veteran--whose name I didn't get--who served on the same swift boat with John Kerry is putting the lie to John O'Neil. He was there with John Kerry and he knew the truth about how John Kerry deserved all of his medals. He also knew of O'Neil when they were both in Nam and let the listeners know that when O'Neil took over Kerry's Swift Boat after Kerry's tour of duty, O'Neil shot up another swift boat. O'Neil's nickname was "John Wayne O'Neil."

Must Read Column: Eric Alterman on the Swift Boat Liars and the media’s dereliction of duty. Excerpt:

The group of liars and miscreants who make up Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were able to dominate the news and possibly turn the tide of the election despite offering false information against a decorated war hero, to support two war-avoiders who let others fight and die for a cause they professed to support, for two reasons. The first is the existence of an ideological movement that masquerades as a respectable segment of the media. This mass movement is dedicated to preserving power for the combination of wealthy corporate executives, religious fundamentalists and neoconservative ideologues who make up the Bush Administration's base, with little, if any, regard for the truth of its arguments . . . But, second, to point exclusively to the dishonest machinations of the right-wing media would be to miss the significance of the so-called liberal media (SCLM). Their willingness to treat scurrilous slander as mere "politics as usual" abdicates the most fundamental responsibility of journalism: to ascertain, as best as one can, just what the truth of a given situation may be.

Read the whole article.

The Surreal Life
Walking on Melrose Avenue, I found that the Melrose Dianetics and Scientology Center has been right above Golden Apple Comics. I didn't know that.

If you want a surreal experience, go to the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition in Hollywood. It's a trip-and-a-half.

Signs of the Times
Culture Jamming at its best. My favorite sign: "I Attacked America on 9/11 and all I got was away with it. - Osama Bin Laden"

On a similar note, if you're interested in the art of signage--both commercial and public--then the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is the place to go. They're doing an exhibition "Sign Language."

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Must-See Music Video
Gavin Degraw "I Don't Wanna Be"

Reading Assignment
1. In the September 2004 Harper's Magazine: Lewis H. Lapham "Tentacles of Rage
The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history." Unfortunately, it's not available online. It discusses the hard right's attempt to subvert decency, journalistic integrity, and modern civilization. Of course, it has the usual suspects.

2. Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants : The Looting of the News in a Time of Terror by James Wolcott. Witty--and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny--but scary.

For What It's Worth
From my Sitemeter stats: This site is one of the first that pops up for a Google search of "susan+estrich+makeover"

Update: Estrich is finally starting to make sense (thanks Damon for the link); in my opinion, it's too little too late.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Scarborough's Boner
It seems that Joe Scarborough and his producers didn't do their homework for tonight's show. Scarborough had Lawrence O'Donnell and Congressman David Dreier to discuss current affairs. One of the segments was titled, "Clinton's Heart Health." O'Donnell had a lot to say about the former president's heart condition and impending bypass surgery; Dreier didn't have a thing to say about Clinton's health. The probable reason: Dreier is a member of the Christian Science Church, which doesn't believe in disease, doctors, or death--which founder Mary Baker Eddy viewed as manifestation of "mortal mind."

The reason I know this obscure factoid is that a while ago--out of curiosity--I wanted to know the religion of the member of Congress who represents Chick Publications. When I found out that it was Dreier, a Christian Scientist, I was amused (though I would have been more amused if Chick Publications were represented by a Roman Catholic). While Dreier shares Jack Chick's right-wing political views, a fundy like Chick believes that Dreier is of the devil because Christian Science denies the deity of Jesus. I found this out when I was at college and somehow the subject came up with a guy who had previously attended the fundamentalist Circleville Bible College (whose cart at the Circleville Pumpkin Show had Chick tracts when I saw it in the 1990's). Anyhow, the fundy guy told me that Christian Science was neither Christian nor scientific (he probably didn't know that George Bernard Shaw first expressed this thought). He also passed off as fact the urban legend that when Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy died, her followers expected her to wake up from the "illusion" of death--until her body began to rot (ironically, this is true about Jack Chick's fellow fundy and Catholic-basher Tony Alamo whose adherents held a vigil for his late wife Susan for several months; this prompted local DJs to play the song "Wake Up, Little Suzie").

Back to Chick, he has a new tract: "The Devil's Night" which warns about the evils of Halloween. Also, the other day, I found about a couple Chick tract spoofs in Raisin Pie #2 by Ariel Bordeaux and Rick Altergott (the entire book was tight and weirdly amusing; if you're into comix, check it out).

One final thought in this stream-of-consciousness post: Does David Dreier believe in the reality of Lori Klausutis' death? Just curious.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bush's speech: unimpressive. Surprise! Surprise!

Posting This Weekend
Just a little teaser, when I do my media-related work, I often think to myself: "You know, it doesn't take a Columbia School of Journalism graduate to analyze the right's jihad against legitimate journalism." Don't get me wrong, I respect the Columbia School of Journalism (their journal addressed the blogosphere's debunking of Slander. However, one thing that gets me is that someone who attended the Columbia School of Journalism is the godfather of the hard right's attempt to subvert legitimate journalism. The American people concerned about truth have been paying the price ever since.

A Couple More Reasons to Watch HBO
1. Entourage: I haven't seen it yet but I saw a preview commercial at the movies. It looks like the life I try to lead (party-wise that is). However, when I make it, I won't have an entrourage. My ass is for sitting, not for kissing.

2. HBO is doing an adaptation of Joe Matt's The Poor Bastard. I met Matt at Comic-Con.

Googlebomb Success
My site debunking the GOP talking point that John Kerry has the most liberal voting record in the Senate has gotten several thousand hits in its short existence. Right now, it's near the top for Google. Thanks to all who heeded my call.

New Googlebomb: hyperlink the words "John Kerry's 1970 Paris visit" to the following URL:

The result will look like this: John Kerry's 1970 Paris visit

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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