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Friday, July 30, 2004

Wish I Wrote It
Josh Marshall on George W. Bush: "...[U]ntil he was well into middle-age President Bush's most noteworthy public utterances seem to have been limited to various invocations and inflections of 'par-TAY' and reciting the alphabet under legal compulsion."

Harold and Kumar Premiere After-Party
I promised that I would tell you a little about the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle premiere after-party that I crashed. It was held on the fifth floor of Hollywood and Highland. To no surprise, they served White Castle sliders (along with french fries and onion rings); there was a salad bar for the health-conscious and karma-free eaters (by the way, co-star Kal Penn is vegetarian. They had a bar (that had all the makings for an apple martini but not a regular one--not that I had any room to complain). They had kegs of Heineken and Amstel Light. They also had Peet's coffee--which is great.

Both Kal Penn and John Cho were there and they were taking pictures with party guests who asked (I had my camera but I didn't want to hassle them for a photo). I didn't see Neil Patrick Harris there (though I wasn't exactly looking for him). I got to meet some intelligent people and some babes.

I didn't mention this in my Comic-Con post, but the Harold and Kumar display at the Comic-Con had hot babes in short-shorts. They were at the party giving out gift bags. One remembered me from the Comic-Con; she was kind of busy and I thought I would ask for her number later but she left. I was bummed. The gift bags (they had them for both males and females): They were cardboard White Castle "Crave Cases" that contained: 1) Rudeman hair gel (8 oz.); 2) 18 oz. bottle of Hempz herbal moisturizer; 3)Brave Soldier infusion cream; 3)Malibu Magazine July 2004--Nicollette Sheridan in a bikini on the cover; 4)White Castle wrist band; 5)White Castle blue t-shirt; 6) a White Castle "thrasher cap" (that's what I call those caps that are like winter caps that skateboarders wear).

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
I got a little info on how to attend the GOP convention without being an embedded blogger. Should I stay or should I go?

Posting This Weekend
I will be posting over the weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Not-So-Instant-Analysis of John Kerry's Speech
It rocked!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Harold and Kumar
I told you I would write about the Harold and Kumar world premiere after-party tonight but there's a more important post I'm working on. I should have one or both tomorrow or Friday.

Ha Ha!
Title of latest posting on Media Matters: "O'Reilly questioned if Kennedy would show up to convention ... as Kennedy spoke behind him."

Redefining the Word "Phat"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you could detect a trace of sour grapes in Monday's post in which I noted that I wasn't invited to the Democratic convention, then your intuition was wrong. One big reason: if I were in Boston, I wouldn't have been able to crash the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle world premiere after-party tonight. It slammed! It's late so I will update this post with more info on the party later today.

Since we're on the topic of crashing, I wanted to address the talk about Nader wanting to crash the Dem's convention. It's my expert opinion that Nader won't get into the FleetCenter unless Democrats want him in there. Bypassing that type of security requires at least three of the following: an inside person (mole), elaborate planning, good social engineering, a trained crasher as a consultant (I can assure you that there's not enough money in the world for me to help Nader's lame ass), and/or a lot of luck. The security teams I deal with are on the ball but they aren't the feds. The feds are all over the FleetCenter and they do not like to be embarrassed. The federales don't mess ouround.

The article mentions that Nader said he hopes "to shock Democrats inside the FleetCenter." The man is a living joke. Why should Democrats be shocked by him? He's just another fringe candidate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This is So Phat!
I just heard about Air America Radio's Al Franken confronting Sean Hannity about things he said about Howard Dean and 9/11; I'll have to read the transcript. Where do I find it?

UPDTE: Here is more info:

Hangin' Out
I'm up in Hollywood at the world premiere of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (scroll down and see my 7/25 post for more info on the film) It's being held at Mann's Chinese Theater. I might blog later.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Googlebomb it!!!
Googlebombing is one of the easiest forms of media hacking. Attention, bloggers: help web searchers get the facts on one of Scaife's henchmen, Colin McNickle of the alleged newspaper, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. One of the best ways to tell McNickle and Scaife to shove it is to hyperlink the phrase "Colin McNickle" to the following URL:

The result will look like this: Colin McNickle

In the Top 150 Again
I'm the 132nd most influential blogger according to Blogstreet. yet I still wasn't invited to the Democratic Convention. I didn't want to go anyway (I could have crashed it if I wanted to attend).

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The San Diego Comic-Con
I went to the Comic-Con and had a blast. I must have about 20 pounds of comic books. I met some great people--too many to mention. I said hi to Will Eisner who has made many valuable contribution to the appreciation to comics and sequential art.

I spoke briefly with Ted Rall (who said he might have heard of me--but only vaguely).

I said hi to Trina Robbins.

I met Batton Lash who has a new Supernatural Law book out, Supernatural Law 101 which tells the origin of the Wolff and Byrd team (click here and scroll down; I read it last night and it slammed).

I got an autographed copy of Tex: George W. Bush and the Fine Art of Character Assassination #1 which is a funny lampoon of Not-My-President Bush.

I love Crumb, but I can relate more to Joe Matt's anxieties and fantasies in his Peepshow series. I bought a copy of The Poor Bastard and he not only signed it but did a self-portrait in the inside cover.

One of my guilty pleasures is Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comix--which aren't for the faint-hearted. Johnny was there and I was stoked to get a limited edition signed copy (only 200 printed) of Funny Pages. The book contains parodies of comic strips like the old porno Tijuana Bibles--only that it uses gross-out humor and not primarily sexual imagery (though some of the gross-out humor is sexual).

I partied too hard Saturday night. The cops frisked me (I had to put my hands against a building) but didn't arrest me--so my police record is still a lot cleaner than George W. Bush's.

Will Harold and Kumar Become the Next Targets of the Right's Political Correctness Squad?
Last Thursday, I went to an advance screening of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle--this film fits into the topic at hand: the right's political correctness squad which hypocritically feigns offense at Whoopi Goldberg's performance in which she made some vulgar puns of George W. Bush's surname and John Kerry's response that she and other anti-Bush entertainers conveyed "the heart and soul of our country." (Disclosure: In college, some friends and I made t-shirts that addressed George H. W. Bush's candidacy: "LICK BUSH IN '92").

The right's response is predictable but it is rank hypocrisy. It was some off-color schtick. It's not as if Goldberg had accused the Bush regime of being responsible for the death of Vince Foster or anything (George W. Bush recently referred to one such Foster conspiracy theory nut as being "a great American" (Mind you, this was right after it was discovered that the conspiracy whacko in question was taking enough illegal drugs to down a rhino; since then, this same person has accused Democrats of celebrating the Madrid terrorist bombings (read this post for just a small sample of what I'm talking about; also, read this).

One person who is weighing in on the Whoopi/Bush flap is washed-up has-been Ed Koch, the former Democratic mayor of New York City. Short Ed Koch: Whoopi was wrong but it was okay for Dick Cheney to tell Pat Leahy to go fuck himself. That set me off--not because Koch is important (why should I care what Koch thinks?--he hasn't done anything since the 1980's; he's about as relevant as Tina Yothers).

Koch's hypocrisy is what is important. I don't know where to start. First, this was written in Newsmax, which is run by Christopher Ruddy (please read this if you are not familiar with Ruddy). Being accused of political incivility by someone who is getting a paycheck from Ruddy (which, in reality, means being paid by Richard Mellon Scaife)is kind of like being called a bit too wild by me. I just don't understand it. Could someone help me out with this? I'm perplexed.

I just hope that Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle doesn't become a victim of this right-wing jihad. I thought the film was tight. It was directed by Danny Leiner, the guy who did Dude, Where's My Car? I loved it but this film is not for everyone. In fact, I created a quiz to help determine if this is your kind of film:

1. Yugo is to Mercedes as __________ is to Chronic. A) kind bud B) Mexischwag C) BC Budd D) Black Gold (Add one point if you missed it or had to guess to get it correct; answer can be found here).

2. Check out this blog. If it is your kind of blog, add two points.

3. Did you see the film Dude, Where's My Car? If yes, subtract one point.

4. If you saw Dude, Where's My Car? and liked it, subtract one point. If you didn't like it, add two points.

5. Do you listen to Dr. Laura for her trenchant insights? If yes, add three points.

6. Have you ever been to a wet t-shirt contest? If yes, subtract two points. If no, add one point.

7. Do you find Sean Hannity sexy? If yes, add five points.

If your final score is in the negative, you'll probably like it. If your score is in the positive, you probably won't like it. If you listen to Dr. Laura for her trenchant insights or think Hannity is sexy, you need to get a life.

Why might Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle earn the wrath of the hard right? One reason is that in the film, Kumar dons a t-shirt that reads, "I [heart symbol] BUSH--THE PUSSY, NOT THE PRESIDENT" superimposed on an American flag. I see nothing wrong with this thought--I agree with it (though I believe that this challenging observation could have been made without the use of the flag). The only other problems with the film were culinary; while not all Americans of East-Indian descent are Hindu, it seem odd to have an Indian-American going to a White Castle hamburger shop [Disclosure: I consider beef and other meat adharmic]. Also, two Jewish friends of Harold and Kumar go to a hot dog restaurant (yes, I know there are kosher hot dogs and many Jewish people don't obey Jewish dietary dictates, but this part of the film just annoyed me).

One more thing: when I was at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, New Line Cinema had a booth promoting Harold and Kumar in which convention attendes could get their picture taken inside a giant plastic White Castle "slider" (the White Castle term for their hamburger). Even with my aforementioned views about hamburgers, I didn't see anything wrong with being photographed in a plastic slider.

Fahrenheit 9/11: The 100,000,000 Dollar Documentary
It happened over the weekend.

Googlebombs Are Smokin'!!!!!
When I asked bloggers to hyperlink a Media Matters article debunking the claim that John Edwards was the most liberal member of the Senate, you responded and made the article the top site for a Google search. Kudos to all who helped.

Also,earlier in the month, I asked you to hyperlink my on-air conversation with Tammy Bruce. Woo Hoo! It is in the top ten sites for a Google search.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Television Mishmash
I have been working some 14-hour days recently (unfortunately not all of the hours are paid), and I have seen very little television (which is why I am grateful for sites like Media Matters and FAIR for being around to record and analyze Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Savage, Coulter, etc.) Anyhow, earlier this week, I caught Hannity repeating the Edwards-is-the-fourth-most-liberal senator bullshit. Of course, Alan Colmes sat by with his thumb up his cornhole when Hannity was saying it.

I also saw John MacEnroe's new show. The guest he was interviewing was surfing god Laird Hamilton. I don't envy Laird's phenomenal surfing skills (my goal is just to catch a wave and achieve a quasi-satori state); I envy him for having perfect hair. I look foward to seeing Laird and others in Stacy Peralta's Riding Giants. Peralta's previous project was Dogtown and Z-Boys which was phat.

I switched channels to CNN and saw an anchorwoman who had rectangular glasses; she was hot. I don't know her name.

Fahrenheit 9/11 to break 100 Million Dollar Box Office Gross This Weekend
I was a little off from last week's prediction that it would reach $100,000,000 this Wednesday (as of yesterday, 7/22, it grossed $98,355,724).

Speaking of box offices, here's a piece of useless trivia: because of Spider-man 2's strong performance last week, the total of the combined domestic box offices of films whose premiere after-parties I have crashed reached the $2 billion mark.

That's Not Funny; That's Sick
I was checking my Sitemeter stats and found out that my site is one of the top sites for a Google search of the phrase, "Ann Coulter blowing Sean Hannity." What kind of person would do such a search?

A Lotta Stuff This Weekend
Even though I am heading to the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, I have set aside some blocks of time to blog. I have a bunch of half-written posts and some are time-sensitive. So check back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yesterday’s comprehensive story in Salon by Eric Boehlert on GOP operative David Bossie segues real well with the film Outfoxed (buy it here). One of the parts of Outfoxed that got some well-earned chuckles and guffaws at the Venice house party I attended was the part in which Rupert Murdoch was asked about liberal balance on the Fox News Channel; he responded with the names Alan Colmes and Greta Van Susteren (BTW, what is wrong with her face?). One of Van Susteren’s frequent guests whom she treats as a reputable political analyst is none other than Bossie.

This seques into some Googlebomb news. Thanks to bloggers and others who heeded my call, two great articles from American Politics Journal and American Review are the top two sites for a Google search of "David Bossie." Let's try to add Boehlert's Salon article to the top ten sites. Hyperlink the words David Bossie to the following URL:

The result will look like this: David Bossie

Bloggers, let's also Googlebomb Regnery hack, Robert "Buzz" Patterson. Hyperlink the words, "Buzz Patterson" to the following URL:

The result will look like this: Buzz Patterson

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Apologies (and One Non-Apology)
First, I'm sorry for not posting much. I just moved and I don't have internet access at home and I can't post at work so I have to go to private internet servers to post. Second, my behavior at the recent Ralph Nader booksigning (scroll down to 7/15) fell short of your expectations. I am sorry. I should have blurted out the question anyway. This apology leads me to an explanation that I will give with my non-apology.

To you Naderites out there who bitched about my post: I am not sorry for wanting to ask Nader the question. Nader is a political joke (though still a serious threat because he can still siphon off enough votes from John Kerry to either allow George W. Bush to win outright or get close enough to steal it as he did in 2000). Why is Nader a joke? Short answer: Nader ran for president twice and was in single digits in one (2.9 % in 2000) and in less than single digits in the other (0.7 % in 1996). That alone puts him in Harold Stassen/Lyndon LaRouche/Lenora Fulani territory. Nader wants to act like a serious contender because he want to become president. Well, I want to be Person Number Three in a menage a trois with Tara Reid and Judy Greer but I deserve to be mocked if I were to act as if that could be accomplished. Nader is a fringe crank and deserves to be treated like one. It's sad that a man who has helped the progressive cause in his younger years could irreparably tarnish his legacy with his recent grandiose and destructive delusions.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I saw Outfoxed at a house party last night. Every American should see this film.  Also, sign the petition to make the Federal Trade Commission and Congress must act to prevent Fox News from using the deceptive and misleading trademark 'Fair and Balanced.'"

More  than I Needed to Know
First, I found out today that Sean Hannity was selected by Playgirl as "TV's Sexiest Newscaster." Then my sitemeter account informs me that my site comes up first in a Google search for the words Sean+Hannity+nude.  Yuck!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Instant Analysis of Tonight's Nader Event in Pasadena
Ralph Nader gave a talk and signing for his latest Murdoch-subsidized book, The Good Fight : Declare Your Independence and Close the Democracy Gap.

1) The pasty-meter was having a hard time keeping count of all the white people at the event. About 170 came to the talk--of which about 160 were white.  Not as high of a percentage of white people as the Bill O'Reilly talk in Brentwood a few months ago, but it hardly was demographically representative of the greater Los Angeles area.  Considering the overall lack of fashion sense of the crowd, I suspect there were many fans of Ralph there who have tenure and don't have to worry about job security. I just love to be in a room surroinded by self-satisfied white folk who, to paraphrase that great sage Nelson Muntz,  strut around like their farts don't stink!

2) There was a short Q & A after Nader's talk. I tried to get my question in but couldn't (Nader cut me off and started signing books).  Here was the  question I wanted to ask: "How do you expect to be elected president this year when the last time you ran, you got as many electoral votes as me and I wasn't even running?"  I'm bummed.

3) On a personal level, Nader really creeped me out. He is a joyless, dour man who sucked the fun out of the room when he walked in (not that a room full of Naderites is a slammin' house party (though there was a blonde in a minishirt I wanted to talk to). Nader reminds me of what Abraham Maslow called the anhedonic personality.

More later.



Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fourth Most Liberal...
Some in the blogosphere are debunking the myth that John Edwards is the fourth most liberal senator--other bloggers are repeating the GOP talking points. Click here for more info.

I have to postpone the big post I promised to have up today. Sorry.

When Will the Box Office for Fahrenheit 9/11 Hit $100 Million?
My guess is a week from today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Big Post Tommorrow
Check it out.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I heard about the documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism from Drudge; Ailes and Murdoch have their panties in a bunch over it. I saw the trailer and clips for the film. The clips of Jon Du Pre and Clara Frenk were particularly shocking (former Fox News producer Frank O'Donnell's clip is also worth watching). I am going to buy the DVD.

UPDATE: See Outfoxed this Sunday evening (7/18)at a house party. Click here to find out where a house party is near you.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Important Googlebomb (plus a vanity Googlebomb)

Yo, bloggers:

1) Link the phrase "fourth most liberal member of the Senate" to The results will look like this: fourth most liberal member of the Senate

2) I just found out that my amusing phone call with Fox News Democrat Tammy Bruce pops up number 29 on a Google search of the phrase "Tammy Bruce." Link the phrase "Tammy Bruce" to the following URL: The results will look like this: Tammy Bruce

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ay Caramba!
I'm working on a couple huge posts. One should be up in the next few days. In the meantime, I'll keep on posting short posts.

Film Stuff
Over the weekend, I was part of the horde that made Spider-Man 2 a record-breaker at the box office. I agree with everyone who said that it was better than the first one (however, the premiere after-party for the original was better than the sequel).

I also saw Dodgeball which I thought was really funny in a lowbrow kind of way. I didn't know the term "dodgeball" until college when a friend mentioned it. In my grade school and high school P.E. classes, it was know as killerball. In my hometown, we were hard-nosed; we often would use soccer balls in addition to the red rubber ones (a thrown soccer ball can do some real damage). In my Boy Scout troop meetings (yes, I was a Boy Scout who made it to Second Class rank), we played Killer Frisbee--a practice that was halted only after a kid got it right between the eyes. Those were the days.

I haven't seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet but intend to see it soon. On that topic, Christopher Ruddy has an article on Moore that begins, "I just drank a cup of Democratic Hate Soup cooked up by its new propaganda chef, Michael Moore." This from a guy whose tome on Vince Foster was called a "conservative hoax book" by none other than Ann Coulter. What next? Roger Ailes criticizing Moore's paunch?

Also, see The Hunting of the President.

One final note: a fun documentary I saw at the LA Film Festival was Up For Grabs

Monday, July 05, 2004

Just Found Out
I just moved and the member of the House who represents me is Henry Waxman (who is a helluva lot better than my previous rep Xavier Becerra). Not to sound mean but Waxman also represents Beverly Hills and it makes me wonder that with all the top-notch plastic surgeons in the BH area that Waxman never went to one to get some work done on that nose.

New Bumper Sticker?

A while ago, I asked bloggers to Googlebomb two posts for the phrase "David Bossie" and today I am proud to say that we have scored a success. For anyone who does a Google search for Bossie with find the articles from the American Politics Journal and American Review as number one and two. Many in the mainstream media will still gloss over what a sleazebag Bossie is but the blogosphere is doing its job. Thanks to all who helped out.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Attention: New and Relatively New Bloggers
Sorry about not posting but I just moved over the past few days and I am sore. I will post more soon. I no longer live in the slums. In fact, I live next to Brentwood (I got a great deal on a sublet).

Also, thanks everyone who contributed to the site. I will be holding the raffle for the Hugh Hefner book soon. I'd like another blogger to do the choosing of the winner. So if you're an up-and-coming blogger who wants some hits for your site, email me with your URL. All I want from you is to write some names on sheets of paper, put them in a hat, and pull out a winner.

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Media Research Center
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